Because technology changes so quickly, we have packaged our specialty services into two technology areas:

Internet Immune System SM

Today, large companies, organizations, and agencies are expanding and updating their internal infrastructure of networked computers.  These increasingly complicated networks are interconnected with the global information infrastructure through the Internet and business partner networks. These interconnections are increasingly vulnerable to attacks. At the same time, information technology (IT) is proliferating, and  “electronic borders” are increasingly hard to define and protect.

The solution is to create an “immune system” to protect the entire IT infrastructure against external and internal threats by making security pervasive and preventing incidents where possible, and detecting and responding appropriately when necessary. Just as immune system constantly monitors the health of a body and uses a range of means to prevent, detect, intercept, and defeat disease, an Internet Immune System must be equally aggressive in controlling attacks.

More information on the Internet Immune System approach may be found in the PDF file (click at left).

An Internet Immune System is not a technology or suite of technologies, it is a basic change to the management of IT infrastructures. Threat Assessment, Requirements Analysis, Design, Integration, Deployment and Operation must all be linked by strong Technical Leadership and effective Project Management. Please contact us at for additional information.

Law Enforcement Security Services

Computer and network technology have improved the lives of most people and created entire new industries. Unfortunately, this technology is of equal use to criminals – moving traditional crimes to new media and creating new crimes to exploit the new technologies and businesses. Some forms of crime that could be managed locally can now be distributed globally. This widespread distribution creates challenges for crime prevention, identification, and investigation, as well as complications in the jurisdiction and for prosecution.

Law enforcement has been compelled to respond to computer crimes on a case-by-case basis. Innovative analytic and investigative techniques have been developed to meet specific challenges. The ITGlobalSecure framework defines the information technology techniques, products, and procedures for:

Patrol, Prevention, and Public Health – The best strategy for law enforcement is to stop computer crime before it occurs.  ITGlobalSecure believes that its Internet Immune System(SM) is a key part of building an IT infrastructure to meet these goals.
On-line Investigation
Forensic Analysis & Evidence Development – Turning raw surveillance data as well as media, logs, and other materials into evidence that can be used by prosecutors and presented in court
Oversight, Information Analysis, and Management – The scope and complexity of computer crime requires a systematic approach to synthesize the multiple evidence collection systems. Improvements can result from integrating on-line and off-line law enforcement data collection systems
Coordination and Liaison – Problems of jurisdiction and cooperation plague computer crime investigations. Means must be established to share information while maintaining security and rapidly respond to incidents anywhere on the globe
Court Presentation – Visualization techniques, multimedia presentations, and expert witnesses will turn the tide in many of these computer crime cases.