The key to solving business security problems is not simply buying the latest products. Business processes and overall corporate risk assessment are key drivers to identifying the right security solution

The staff of IT GlobalSecure can assist you in understanding and defining your requirements and propose system solutions for your business security needs. The independence of our staff, and their vendor neutrality, can help you pick the right hardware and software for your needs.

IT GlobalSecure’s Security Services and Solutions reflect our commitment to expert services and quality products to address your budget and business requirements. This is done through thorough review of your requirements and creation of a comprehensive design, careful selection of a product set, and development or integration approaches. Our strategy permeates security through your existing infrastructure or new IT project.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
Internet…Intranet…Extranets…Wireless – these means of doing business in today’s world create value and add convenience, but also introduce risks and liability.

Security Policy and Regulatory Support
The development of security policies is essential for protecting the operations of your computers and networks. Business rules define procedures that maintain your security posture and prevent (or respond to) security incidents..

Requirements Analysis
Analyzing and identifying security requirements in light of other system requirements and business objectives can be a challenge. Evaluating proposed solutions for cost, operational, and technical feasibility are important elements of the requirements analysis. IT GlobalSecure can help.

Architecture Development & Design
The standard security credo is “Build security in from Day One”. Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Our staff are used to dealing with the realities of developed architectures with implementation in progress. We can integrate security using a wide range of components and system topologies.

Project Management
IT GlobalSecure recognizes the challenge of finding the right organization to manage your project. The staff at IT GlobalSecure brings a wealth of program management experience to ensure the success of your project.

Systems Integration
IT GlobalSecure’s system integrators assist customers in preliminary and final selections for products and services, within your budget and schedule constraints. Our multitalented staff ensures that your Integration and Implementation task goes smoothly.

Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V)
Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) assures that your security investments are operating as intended. IV&V covers the complete system life cycle – from requirements definition through implementation and testing. IV&V work peaks in the testing phase, as systems transition into full operations.

Operations & Maintenance Security Support
The continuous, reliable operation of your business systems is the objective of your Operations & Maintenance team. We work with your suppliers, internal supply chain staff, and NOC staff to ensure that your core O&M operations are secure.

Security Infrastructure Operations
Firewalls… Virus Detection… Intrusion Detection… Key Management… Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)… VPNs…Encryption Devices … Access Control Systems: By offering support that can extend from the entire Enterprise to individual workstation, IT GlobalSecure works with you to tailor a service that fulfills your needs allowing you to focus on your business objectives.

Awareness, Training, & Education
While your security IT investment can keep “bad people from doing bad things”, awareness programs have the biggest impact by helping your good people do the right thing. IT GlobalSecure can arm your staff with the knowledge they need : Threat and Vulnerabilities, Security Tools and Practices, Security Policy and Accountability, and Physical Security Requirements.