Our Story

IT GlobalSecure Inc. is a global multi-disciplinary services company dedicated to helping our clients select, purchase, and implement robust, cost-effective IT security solutions. We provide a full range of security solutions: architecture design, security policy formation, encryption, virtual private networks (VPNs), intrusion protection, firewalls, disaster recovery, smart cards, secure middleware, and numerous technologies for authentication and access control. Clients span the telecommunications, government, information systems, financial, and high technology business sectors.


IT GlobalSecure assists clients in protecting their critical business data and IT investments from breaches in computer and network security. Our services cover the entire security lifecycle from initial threat assessment and engineering requirements analysis through deployment, operations, and support. Our team provides technical expertise and brokering services for the design and purchase of security solutions to our customers around the world.

We pride ourselves on being an “honest broker” – picking solutions to meet your specific needs, not our convenience. If we identify a solution that we cannot support in-house, we will bring in key team mates and supplementary support to ensure that you have the best solution.

We provide expert technical, management, and financial planning for the selection and acquisition of network and computer security solutions. Our staff individually average over 15 years of engineering experience, with over a decade spent in the secure of complex distributed mission-critical government or commercial systems – with technologies ranging from embedded processes, to mainframes, supercomputers, workstations, PCs, and today’s Internet appliances and mobile devices. Our management team has the business experience and financial expertise to complement the technical skills required to solve business security problems. Our clients span the telecommunications, government, information systems, financial and high technology business sectors. Today, our staff are actively working to expand the base of our global partners, for product reselling and service partnerships.