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Providing international services since 1999. Since 2005, we have focused on short-term security "swat team" services to the commercial, municipal, and state goverment communities. Our clients generally need a quick-turnaround response for a breach, possible compromise, legal committment, or public relations problem. We have great depth in peer-to-peer, console, and networked gaming, with numerous clients in that sector from small "app" game developers to some of the largest in the games industry. Prior to 2005, the majority of our clients were in the TS-SCI defense and intelligence communities, where we focused on large distributed encrypted architectures.

Steven Davis at Dartmouth
Steven Davis, Teaching at Dartmouth in 2011
Services. Our services include:

Protecting Games Book by Steven Davis
Click to Buy at Amazon. Steven Davis' book for protecting games - or any transactional architecture. For managers and IT staff.
Founder Steven Davis. Mr. Davis (LINKEDIN profile here) is an international expert in gaming security for networked (non-gambling) and casino games. He started his career as an NSA cryptoanalyst in the mid-80s, working on early FORTEZZA smart cards including messaging (X.400, SMTP/ MIME and MSP (Message Security Protocol)), public key technology and infrastructures. Since then, he has provided security solutions for Bell Atlantic for the Multi-level Information System Security Initiative (MISSI), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) National Computer Crime Squad (NCCS). He was chief security engineer for numerous SAIC and TRW (now Northrop Grumman) systems for the intelligence community. We was also the chief Network Security engineer for the TCS (U.S. Treasury) communications architecture. Since 2000, Mr. Davis has specialized in security needs for console, stand-alone, networked, Internet, and peer-to-peer games, and is the noted writer of the popular PLAYNOEVIL security blog about games, and developer of the SECUREPLAY software for protecting networked games transactions.

Founder Cheryl Campbell. Ms. Campbell (LinkedIn Profile Here) spent 18 years designing secure satellite communications systems for intelligence reconnaissance applications, specializing in the mathematics of geolocation. She was division manager for TRW for reconnaissance systems, and later became Chief Engineer for numerous other INFOSEC programs. She was the manager for the U.S. Treasury Internet Modernization project, successfully completed in 1999. Since then, Ms. Campbell has focused on secure e-commerce, and the design of E-commerce systems that successfully convert. She is an expert on responsive design (self-adapting websites that self-configure for all platforms), commercial CRM and cart integration, dynamic websites using PHP, mobile websites, e-commerce fraud, and website analytics. She is also co-owner of Gates2U Custom Pet Gates, a certified Maryland manufacturer.

SecurePlay Software by IT GlobalSecure
Secureplay is middleware, making novel use of encryption algorithmns and a "collaborative shuffle" that detects and thwarts cheating in networked games.


Our Products. IT Globalsecure has several products dedicated to protecting transactions in gaming architectures, the most notable being the SECUREPLAY MIDDLEWARE (website here). Secureplay uses a selection of encryption algorithms to thwart cheating in networked games. This software is integrated within your communications calls between players, or between the player user interface and game server. We also ship the DATA OBFUSCATOR for Flash games.


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